“I recently spent two weeks in Dallas visiting family and found KEOM.  I love that I can continue to listen to the best radio station I’ve enjoyed ever  - from my desktop at home here in Walnut Creek, California.  You do an outstanding job, and I love the music.”   - Judie H.

"I decided that I have to write to you. After growing up in NY, I now live across the world (an 8 hour time difference from Texas), in a country whose country code, coincidentally, is 972, just like your area code. I'm writing to tell you that I had looked (or should I say listened) thru many, many stations on the internet, but stopped looking when I found KEOM. It's great!! The perfect mix of songs from the 70's (with a little 60's and 80's thrown in). Using the app on my iPhone, I listen to your station going to and from work. Just wanted to let you know that you have fans, not only in Mesquite, but in other parts of the world as well. Keep up the good work! All the best!"                 - David K.

"I am a frequent listener to KEOM. I really enjoy the music and community focus programming. Although I don't have any children in the MISD, nor do I live in MISD, I must whole heartedly applaud your wonderful efforts for your students and community. I wanted to thank you for playing the National Anthem prior to 7:00 every morning. I'm proud to be an American and your decision to do this fills me with pride and hope in our future. I also want to thank you for the excellent taste you show in the renditions you play of the National Anthem. There are many that stray too much from the original feeling or intent of the piece but while you plan many different artists performances, they are always very well done and a pleasure to enjoy. Please keep up the good work."                  - Harley B.

"Nice station! Listening from Thailand. Big fan!"        – Pracha P.

"So there I was in my dentist's office with a mouthful of dental equipment when his assistant said "you have the same name as the Carolyn Davidson on KEOM that has those unusual words that no one has heard.”  My eyes opened in surprise and she asked "is that you?”  Then said, “My 17 year old daughter and I stop everything and listen.  Whoever uses the word in a sentence that day wins--and my daughter usually wins!  "We love that show and that station!"                  -Carolyn Davidson

"Dear KEOM students and staff, Today, I was so tired. I had just come home from the grocery store, where it was busy and crowded and hot. As I usually do, I turned on my radio (which is always set to KEOM) so that I could listen while I put away my groceries. I had just sat down to rest for a bit when ''A Mesquite Moment in Time'' came on. I must tell you, I was absolutely transfixed. The story of former Mesquite teacher Florence Black was so compelling that I pulled my chair up next to the radio and sat staring at it while the student DJ read about Ms. Black's wonderful connection to her two generations of students. Kudos to that student DJ; it was her voice that first caught my attention and then captivated me as she made Ms. Black's story come to life. I especially liked the part of the story that told about her fabulous collection of postcards from all over the world sent to her from her former students who had served in the military. I am a loyal listener to KEOM 88.5, and ''A Mesquite Moment in Time'' is just one of the many reasons that I love to listen each and every day. Kindest regards"                  -Carol W

"What is the most wonderful radio in Texas? KEOM 88.5 FM!  Of Course!!"         - Vidal  P.

"You guys are the BEST station in Dallas. Don’t ever change your format. I love the 70's stuff."          - Bill S.B.

"Dear KEOM Staff, I am so happy to have found your stream on the web. I moved from the Dallas area and missed listening to your programs. Thank you for having a stream available. Gratefully yours."      -LaNita

"PLEASE, don't ever change your format....it is PERFECT and AWESOME! :) (and, the best stress-buster, I might add.) :)"        -Bill M.

"I am so hooked on this station; have been for years....You’re my #1 button recorded station on my vehicle radios"          --Josie A.

"Just did it TuneIn! Best radio station I know! Keep up the good work!"           - Chris D.

"I tell lots of people about 'cha! Love the music, news & special segments!"           - Karri A

"What a wonderful contribution you make to the Texas Community. We are in GainesvilleWe are Texas proud of you!"           - Elizabeth & Rebekah

“I love the great selection of music that is relaxing and never goes out of style. The oddities are great and KEOM is by far my most favorite station. I am a service member deployed overseas in Afghanistan and I love the pod cast on the internet. Your station reminds me to the home I left behind and the great music that I love to listen to even in the traffic back home.  Great job guys!           - Jerry, Farrah Province Afghanistan

"To all who participate in the broadcasting of the Mesquite ISD radio program:

We just wanted to say THANK YOU....you all do a terrific job, what a great program.  We love listening to your music and all your educational sections.  Keep it up!!!!!!!"             - Mary and Rudi, Southlake, Tx

"I grew-up in the 70's in Tulsa, OK - Nothing to do there, and music was my choice of entertainment.  Your Radio Station has made me feel at home after moving to Keller, TX and I wish You to know that.  Surprisingly, my children (21 and 13) love the 70's music as well.  Wishing The Very Best!"         - Tony N.

"Love the music programming, and the wealth of information given out by such a talented group of young people."           - Bill B.

"I am pleased that KEOM is once again streaming online after an absence of almost 10 years. I used to listen to your streaming broadcasts while I was stationed in Germany from 1999-2002. Before that, for several years prior to 1996, I used to listen to KEOM while I lived in Dallas, then I began my odyssey that finds me now in Washington DC.  Glad to hear you online once again!! Best wishes."           - Clayton V

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