On The Job

KEOM Original segment featuring spotlights on careers. Airs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 7:45am, 12:45pm, and 5:45pm 

Featured Guest

Bruce Archer - Mayor of Mesquite

Sarah Jackson - Vice President of Strategy and Public Affairs for the Dallas Citizens Council
Donny Coursey - MISD Advanced Audio-Video Teacher
Tracey Sawchuk - Chef
Officer Steven Contreas - Mesquite Police Department 
Cliff Keheely - Mesquite City Manager
Mark Kerby - Fire Chief to Special Projects
Emma McDonald - Library Services Specialist
Chelsea Alvardo - Mesquite ISD Intervention Counselor
Christine Sidhu - MISD Yearbook & Newspaper Advisor 
Mitch Mitchell - Piano Note 1 Productions 
Copelon Wright - Meteorologist 
C M Healey -  Children's Author
Lindsey Paris - Read Play Talk Liaison
Gil Palmer - Communications Specialist
Paige Lehman - Artist
Jessica McClennan - Convention & Visitors Bureau 
Lark Stewart - Director Mesquite ISD Food & Nutrition Services
Bob Jones - Mesquite ISD STEM Teacher
Yolanda Wilson - Manager Neighborhood Vitality 
Nancy Riley - Historic Homes Coordinator 
Ted Madden - Video Producer
Aaron Smith - Industrial Organizational Psychologist 
Beth Byrum - Financial Empowerment Manager Sharing Life
Julie Greer - Real Estate Broker
Linda Brindle - Author
Cindy Layne - Teaching Artist
Erica Guajardo - Assistant Arts Center Director
Judy Perser - Production Assistant
Amianne Bailey - School Librarian
Debbie Montoya - Marketing Director for Senior Living
Valerie Mayad - MISD Director of Data Management
Steve Glenn - KEOM Sports Director
Sewing Sisters Kindness