Student Program

If you are a high school student with vocal, theatrical or writing skills, there's a place for you at KEOM!

Whether you’re interested in a career in broadcast media, audio production, communications media, or audio engineering, a school year with KEOM gives you a one of a kind educational experience.  Focus is oriented around our fully functional and legal high powered FM radio station.  We provide students the tools needed to learn and directly apply the fundamentals of radio and audio technology.  KEOM offers a unique opportunity that most high school students rarely get—the chance to broadcast to thousands of listeners in the fifth largest media market in the U.S. This program has proven to open many college and professional doors in the areas of communications. Click here to watch a video about the KEOM program.

Click here for the student pre-audition questionnaire.

What if I don't plan to pursue a career in radio?

KEOM is a great program for students who are interested in any form of media relations, including broadcast, journalism, communications, advertising, radio/tv/film or public relations. Your communication skills will improve and your confidence with grow. 

Students not only learn the basic concepts of operating broadcast equipment but work on skills in speaking, articulation, production, script writing, interviewing, time management and more. You will apply your journalistic skills to access, analyze, evaluate and produce media in a variety of forms as you learn the ethical considerations and laws that affect broadcast journalism.   

Do I need previous broadcasting experience?

Operating the broadcast equipment may seem challenging at first, but we provide you with the educational mentorship you need. It takes a little training and some preparation, but advanced technical skill is not necessary. After a few shows, you’ll feel right at home. KEOM is a learning laboratory – a cooperative operation with student staff. Participation in performing staff duties and assisting with events and other initiatives is required. 

How do I join KEOM?

Complete the pre-audition questionnaire and schedule an appointment to record a voice sample.  Call 972-882-7560 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on school days.  Appointments can also be made by sending an email to


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